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These days virtual graduation is our reality.

We have the opportunity to show our graduates how proud we are of them and that we recognize all their hard work.

Give them something extra special this year that’s classic, forever and meaningful.

Here are some of my favorite and super cool graduation gifts that provide inspiring words and deep value.


The Signet Ring

Think of your grandfather or father’s ring and make it modern.  Now worn by both men and women, it’s a wonderful heirloom gift that your graduate can wear and pass on. Whether it’s an astrological sign, a letter representing the family, or bejeweled with emeralds to represent the month of May.  Bond eye Jewelry, Shay and Retrouvai have put a twist on a historical signet ring.

The Charm

There is no greater occasion to give a gift that’s personal and sincere.  Monica Rich Kosann, Sydney Evan and Andrea Fohrman provide a message that will stand the test of time.  These charms and lockets can be worn alone or more can added as your graduate navigates through life and pursues their dreams.

The Classic

There is sense of accomplishment when you’re given your first piece of fine jewelry.  You feel pride and celebrated.  Whether it’s pearls by Baggins, a classic stud by Dana Rebecca, or a single diamond solitaire by Kwiat.  These pieces represent just that; that your graduate worked hard and accomplished their goals.


Marissa Collections wishes you a Happy Graduation and may all your dreams come true!

Times up for our Marissa Minute see you soon!

In A Marissa Minute By Jennifer McCurry @thejewelrydiaries @marissanaples

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