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Designers we are obsessed with right now!


Anita Ko and Suzanne Kalan have brought back the baguette.

Foundrae and Buddha Mama have given new meaning to self-expression.

Cadar and Jacquie Aiche are the motif masters.


Anita Ko + Suzanne Kalan


The baguette diamond is a step cut with an edge.  It was originally created in the early 1900’s during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period.  Anita Ko and Suzanne Kalan have made it modern again, introducing the cut into their contemporary designs.

Anita Ko has used the diamond baguette in her iconic leaf collection, coming in sizes small, medium or large.

Suzanne Kalan showcases her baguettes in her rainbow Fireworks collection, made with emeralds, diamonds and sapphires.


Foundrae + Buddha Mama


Foundrae medallions tell your story.  They’re classic and modern heirlooms.  Each 18kt gold medallion means something different – passion, karma, strength, or to dream.

Satisfy your inner Zen. What I love about Buddha Mama is you can have a Buddha hand, evil eye, lotus flower, or peace sign made in rich 20kt gold, colored-enamel and multi-gemstones.


Cadar + Jacquie Aiche


Cadar’s minimalistic approach to symbolism brings us beauty in the shape feathers and hearts. The 18kt gold pieces are both bold and reflective, yet silky to the touch.

Jacquie Aiche’s sultry jewelry is an artistic rhythm of shapes, techniques and various motifs.  For summer, we are coveting the translucent hand-carved gemstone butterflies and inlay landscapes.

What’s great about these trendsetters are that they are here to stay; creating jewelry that is fun, meaningful and easy to wear everyday.

Times up for our Marissa Minute, see you soon!

In A Marissa Minute By Jennifer McCurry @thejewelrydiaries @marissanaples

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