LIVE Link Up with Jennifer & Dana Rebecca


Dana Rebecca joined our jewelry expert, Jennifer McCurry, during our LIVE link up on #InstagramLive on Friday, April 3rd, 2020 at 12PM ET. Join us @marissanaples on Instagram!

Jennifer and Dana have been friends for years. Originally meeting Dana’s sister, Jen, at Coterie in New York and then discovering their jewelry brand Dana Rebecca. They both agreed it was an instant friendship.

Dana and Jennifer discuss the history of Dana Rebecca‘s jewelry brand and family owned business. Dana believes we all deserve something that makes us feel really good. Jewelry is so personal and there are so many memories that jewelry holds. She expresses her concept on how you can either have so much jewelry in your family or one piece but either way it means so much. The history and emotional connection is what makes jewelry so special. Dana Rebecca loves the multi-generational client she sees wearing her designs.

Dana stated she wants everyone to remember at the core of her jewelry – it makes women feel good and feel special.

The Discussion

First Piece?

Dana – One of a kind golden south sea pearl ring – I said this looks like something nana Bernice would wear.

What inspires you when creating new jewelry?

Dana – It goes back to the women in my life. It goes back to those people that inspire me. Every collection has a story behind it.

What pieces are you wearing every day?

Dana – I always, always, always have my name cuffs on.

What is your favorite collection?

Dana – My favorite collection by far is Poppy Rae & Lulu Jack, named after my girls. They are quintessential Dana Rebecca collections.

(They start in the $300’s and go up but there is something for everybody…)

Does white gold look good on everyone?

Dana – Personally I don’t think so but I do think white gold is best if you are wanting to go dressy.

What is your go-to date night earring?

Dana – 100% hoops, big skinny diamond hoops!

Wake up anywhere in the world..where?

Dana – I would love to wake up somewhere sunny. I would probably say somewhere like Hawaii & I would just like to probably be alone.


Dana said for her company, every store & every team they work with is like an extension of their family. It is something Dana Rebecca has loved about Marissa Collections is how our teams are very close.

“At the end of the day, it’s not necessarily about the piece jewelry, it’s about the opportunity to celebrate milestones and experiences and share in joyous occasions.”

– Dana Rebecca