LIVE Link Up with Jennifer & Emily P Wheeler


Jewelry designer, Emily P Wheeler joined Marissa Collections Jewelry Buyer, Jennifer McCurry, during our LIVE link up on #InstagramLive on Thursday, May 14th, 2020 at 2PM ET. Join us @marissanaples on Instagram!

Los Angeles based jewelry designer Emily P. Wheeler talked about her colorful namesake line and her newest collection, Kitty Hawk. Emily grew up traveling and windsurfing, this holds a distinct palette in her memory: bright neon sails, natural wood decks, black rubber booms, and salty wet suits, amid the colorful pastel backdrop of the era.

Emily hopes to evoke a sense of nostalgia with her work, connecting to the wearer through shared memories and locations. Her signature touches — including angular baguette bars mixed with pavé step-downs — reference her father’s graphic work as an architectural photographer.


As an artist, you have to follow your gut.  If you do what you love and what really inspires you, you’re going to be better

–  Emily P Wheeler

The Discussion

How did couture influence you?

Emily– The biggest take away from being at couture was I better be there every year. There’s so much that goes on with building relationships.

How did you get into jewelry?

 Emily– I was really in love with jewelry as a little girl. I used to make my mom earrings every week. I would go on road trips with my family and collect rocks. I rediscovered jewelry at a craft night with some girlfriends. It honestly grew from there. It reignited my passion and I dove right in.

Where do you buy your gemstones?

 I buy them from all over the world technically but I do like to get the bulk of everything in Tucson. I. try to go into that show with a vision of my next collection so that I can be efficient.

What inspired your latest collection, Kitty Hawk?

Nostalgic memories inspire me. Kitty Hawk was really inspired by growing up in the windsurfing culture in the ’80s. I have this distinct color palette from that Era. Nostalgic memories inspire me, artists, especially my dad’s work inspire me, and color. 

What’s your go-to piece?

Lately, it’s been the horizon earrings because we’ve been doing so much Zoom conferencing that a statement earring is a good easy way to look polished.

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