LIVE Link Up with Lauren & Lab To Beauty Co-Founder Alison Ragusa


Lab to Beauty joined our lead buyer, Lauren Wilson, during our LIVE link up on #InstagramLive Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 at 12 PM ET. Join us @marissanaples on Instagram!

Founded by sisters, Alison and Katherine Ragusa, Lab to Beauty first entered the luxury beauty scene with their CBD infused products in November 2018. The sisters set out to create products that have universal healing effects so naturally, they looked to CBDBottled fresh in the lab and brought right to your beauty routine, it bases all formulas entirely on plants and chemical-free is the priority. Each product centers around the synergistic blend of non-GMO hemp-derived CBD with botanical extracts and rich plant oils. 



Our lead buyer Lauren Wilson and co-founder of Lab to Beauty, Alison Ragusa linked up on Instagram live yesterday to discuss the luxury beauty line’s beginnings and exciting new launches. Alison also shared her routine and gave us tips to get the most out of the products. 

Lauren shares her experiences with Alison while they both provide inside tips and the history behind the brand.

The Discussion

What led you to create the beauty line?

AlisonIt was my sister Katherine’s idea! We have been creating natural skincare together for the past 10 years and we feel strong reasonability to always be innovative. When my sister started hearing about the rise of CBD in the skincare industry, we both got excited and wanted to create products with universal healing effects to help people. We also saw CBD as a luxury commodity because of its soothing benefits. 

Why CBD?

Alison – We saw CBD as a luxury commodity because of its soothing benefits. We love to create products that have universal healing effects so we can help as many people as possible.

Tell us about your routine…

Alison The beauty of Lab to Beauty is that you can create a routine seamlessly from head to toe. Our collections focus around the face, body, hair, and beauty from the inside out with our wellness collection. I always start my routine and end my routine at night with our CBD drops– it is the perfect way to get in the zone. 

The Lemon CBD DropsThe Mint CBD Drops

For skincare, I like to start with The Balancing Face Wash, it has been one of our most loved products, it’s a non-stripping and gentle cleanser infused with lavender that awakens your senses. Next is the Green Cure Mask– this will become everyone’s best friend during this quarantine. This is the time to get all your masking in! My favorite tip if you want to create your own at home spa experience, is to use the mask in the shower! The steam will help open up your pores and you can use it more oftenIf you’re with your husband or boyfriend and want to get them involved in the lab routine – the mask works well over beards too! Then we have our two key antiaging products: Quick Fix Serum and The Recovery Oil. The Quick Fix Serum literally lives up to its name, its everything you want in a serum power packed in one- it lifts, firms, and plumps. My tip is to use it around the eye area. The Recovery Oil is like liquid gold! You can use both simultaneously or rotate them between day or night. I follow up with The Omega Fatty Facial Moisturizer, it is a plumping moisturizer that doubles as an eye cream. If you need more moisture, you can mix it with The Recovery Oil. 

Where are your products made?  

Alison All products are made in the USA! 

Serum – before or after?  

Alison Before! Serums are lightweight quick absorbing concentrates. Moisturizer locks in all the nutrients. 

What skin type is LTB best for? 

Alison ALL skin types! Our products are formulated for all skin types. Universally soothing. They are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types and strong enough for the most balanced of skin types. 

Are there any new products launching? 

Alison Yes! We just launched CBD hand sanitizer and we have the glossy hair oil coming out this summer to complement The Nourishing Shampoo and Moisturizing ConditionerThere is also a CBG collection launching in fall as well. We are always creating exciting and innovative products! 



Alison & Lauren agree Lab To Beauty allows you to create a routine seamlessly from head-to-toe!


“We love to create products that have Universal healing effects so we can help as many people as possible”

– Alison Ragusa from Lab To Beauty