Jewelry Glossary

Industry Terms

Couture Jewelry Reflects a high level of creativity and design. Reflects a very high quality of workmanship and finishing. Mostly created to specifically showcase the talent of the designers. Couture pieces are not always wearable for the everyday Woman.
Fine Jewelry Jewelry made of precious metals such as platinum, gold or silver and set with precious or semi-precious stones.
High end Jewelry Jewelry which is highly crafted and of the finest sophistication.
Vintage Jewerly A classic, characterized by excellence, maturity and enduring appeal. When used to describe jewelry, it can mean collectible period jewelry originating from the Georgian period (1714-1837) to the retro period (1940's).
Stylish Characterized by or conforming to style or the fashionable standard; fashionably elegant; smart or chic.
Life Style Store A highly curated range of jewelry and apparel, selected for their beauty and form, suited to embrace the needs, wants and desires of one's demanding life.
One-of-a-Kind Unique, singular and Solely Existing. Nothing else like it.
Fashion Jewelry Also Costume Jewelry. Any kind of jewelry which is utilized for accessorizing- not typically made of the same materials as fine jewelry, but could be made of finer materials
Accredited Jewelry Professional Individual who is educated in the following 3 GIA courses: 1. Jewelry Essentials; 2. Colored Stone Essentials; 3. Diamond Essentials
Certified Gemologist An individual who is educated and well-versed in the areas of Diamond Grading, Colored Gemstones, and Metal Smithing.
Jeweler An individual whose business is the cutting, polishing or setting of gemstones or the making, repairing or selling of jewelry.
Metal Smith Artisans and artisan jewelers who practice their craft in many different metals including Gold, Copper and Silver.
Appraisal An evaluation performed by a licensed gemologist to determine the value of a gem or item of jewelry.
Modern Jewelry Started in 1940's at end of World War II with renewed interest in artistic and leisurely pursuits. The movement is most noted by Georg Jensen and other Jewelry designers who advanced the concept of wearable art.
Ecelectic Jewelry which selects or employs individual elements from a variety of sources, systems or styles; also jewelry which is made up of or combines elements from a variety of sources.
Organic Jewelry which is made of natural materials or inspired by nature or natural occurrences. Jewelry which incorporates natural materials including Amber, Bamboo, Horn, Bone, Stone and Wood.
Artisan Handmade, one of a kind, limited-edition design, it is quality made, stylish and made of precious metals, semi-precious gems and pearls. The artist will frequently fashion distinctive creations that do not appeal to the masses, rather speak to a woman's individual sense of style.
Boutique Jewelry Exclusive pieces produced by a small, highly-specialized jeweler.
Designer Jewelry Jewelry which has signature design and styling created by an artisan jeweler. Usually has distinct style which differentiates pieces from other pieces of jewelry.
Mixed Media Jewelry which is made of 2 or more mediums / materials.
Trunk Show Special event in which an artist or designer puts on a special display of her or his work for review by a select group. They are referred to as "trunk shows" because a designer or sales rep will literally show up with a trunk of merchandise to show off.
Special Order To obtain by specific individual order or comission.
Jewelry Stylist A personal fashion stylist, who specializes in the realm of developing personal expression though the advancement and development of one's jewelry collection.
Man Made Jewelry which is made almost entirely with mechanical equipment.