Jakett was created as the ultimate ‘cool’ completer piece for your premium denim way of life. While many of the Premium Denim brands are quite cool in their own right, Jakett adds the perfect finishing touch. Each piece is hand crafted and put through a rigorous breaking in process, so that when you first wear it, it’s like Jakett has been one of your forever favorites. The ‘breaking in’ of your Jakett creates an authentic, comfortably worn vintage image that that distinguishes Jakett from other brands. Like any 'best friend' each Jakett has a distinct personality. Some may see them as flaws, but we like to think of them as character. Blemishes, color variations and worn spots are what give each Jakett, (as in distressed jeans), it's personality, so it can confidently wear it with the pride of a long lasting friendship. When it's time to renew your friendship, you just put your Jakett in the washing machine and dryer to clean and soften it. How cool is that?

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