Phantasmagoria Leather

Phantasmagoria Leather began in April 1967 in Boulder, Colorado after Lawrence "Lawry" Covell graduated from the University of Colorado. The first store was 350 square feet. They made all types of leather products for the "flower children" generation. The products included sandals, belts, wide leather watchbands, leather garments and accessories. The business remained a leather shop until the late 70's when they opened a women's boutique as well as a men's boutique. Phantasmagoria stopped manufacturing leather goods in 1978. Fast forward to the summer of 2010 when Lawry's son, who is now running the men's department of the store, Lawrence Covell, asked to make some belts for the store. Lawry thought about it a bit and decided that this would be fun. After four months of experimentation, a belt line was developed for both men and women and began selling at the store. Six months later the wholesale account was acquired for Pitkin County Dry Goods in Aspen. Today there are over 25 stockists and growing.

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